Team Recruitment

  • Hey All!

    I see everyone so hyped to start playing this game soon and so am I.

    The one thing everyone loves is the competitive of teams clashing with other teams. You can post your team recruitment and let others see if you are worthy.

    Recruiters can post in here if you are already looking for a team!

    I'm looking forward to joining one as well and if anyone wants to help me create a Discord channel for Breakaway or if Breakaway devs already have one that's fine too!

  • @FroMagePB Hey man!

    Glad to see you're so excited about playing the game!

    There actually is a VIP discord set up for Breakaway so you should definitely come by and chat it up with the rest of us as we patiently await the release of the alpha! (

    (There's also a recruitment channel in there for ya :wink: )

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