Throwdown Thursday 10/20: feedback request!

  • With the kickoff of TDT I wanted to catch up with the forums and open a thread for feedback!!!

    To be honest, I was really nervous and after reading a few of the viewer comments I started getting hype and enjoyed casting the show. Thank you all for that boost! In a post below, hook us up wth some feedback, recommendations, or feel free to share a moment that stuck with you!

    If not, Morgan will come at you bro....


  • The close games were really awesome, although viewers completely new to the game seemed a bit confused.
    Try to keep consistent with the explicit casting, reiterating the ways to win, talking about kits, what buildables are, etc.

    Also, I feel like getting on the front page for these events should be easy enough since it is Amazon. I could be wrong, but if not, let's make that happen to get some traffic/hype in now!

    Thought the entire stream was enjoyable nonetheless. Great games, great casting, great players, great animation for the event, great video...a lot of great.

    The stream+ stuff still has a lot of kinks. Bet timing was better, although on a couple of rounds, I was able to bet up until a few seconds before someone scored in a quick round. Keep tweaking the timer for that. Also, sometimes when I would bet, the options names would disappear and it would tell me that betting was closed, but then when the actual bet timer ended, my selection would still be confirmed. Bit confusing and buggy.

    Lastly, the most popular requests, at least that I got throughout the stream (as I do have that wonderful the way, who keeps typing to me from behind the playbreakaway account haha, I need to know! Y'all are watching me, I swear), were people wondering if being in the top 5000 on stream+ still mattered or if those names were closed off after Twitchcon, and to PLEASE spectate more in 3rd person instead of the dynamic relic angle views. Reason being, players want to see gameplay more than they want to see matches, if that makes sense. Rocket League does this well I think, in that they stick to one player throughout a round, only switching if something important is happening elsewhere, the player dies, or a new round begins. Good camera work in eSports is a challenge that can make the experience way crisper for viewers.

    Great job guys, seriously. Today was very hype for the community, and the announcement clearing up the big day was such a nice cherry on top. Keep it up, see you all next Thursday, and let me (or anyone else in this core bunch) know if there's anything I can do to help even more.

  • I enjoyed the post-game interview (especially due to the announcement), but I would love to hear about strategy from those who participate in these weekly Throwdown Thursdays. Have them talk about what their game plan was, what they saw as the best way to win. I really enjoyed how the dev talked about how they had to change up what they were doing once they realized they couldn't win a team fight. Any strategy and stuff like that would be great to emphasize to go further in-depth on how the game is won.

    Additionally, I think all of us would go crazy over a "tips and tricks" section at the end of each stream where we are shown some sort of cool tech or mechanic that the devs have figured out to play each character at the highest tier.

    Thanks so much for all you guys do. We're with you 100%!

  • I'd love to see an analyst desk segment after the game showing highlights kinda like when Kenny Smith runs to the big screen during halftime on TNT. X's and O's replay kinda stuff with strategy breakdown.

    That and some MVP interview where they talk about their builds/itemization and reasoning behind them. There was some (slight) talk in the chat about when buying certain items would be effective and I'd love to see the players' thoughts on that.

  • This week on Throwdown Thursday we will definitely tap into the brains of the participants. Keep up the feedback and let us know what else you're looking for!

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