Rawlins - The Gun-slinging, Death-bringing, Cowboy from Hell (Will modify during alpha)

  • Hello! Welcome to my general guide for Rawlins with different build options. Im well aware alpha isnt out, so currently this is all in theory. Once alpha is released, however, I will be modifying this with more thorough information.

    Your initial goal as Rawlins: Rawlins' kit is built around maneuverability and damage. Heres a quick rundown of what ive come to learn about his kit.

    General build focus: Damage and Movement Speed

    • Primary Attack
      Using the left mouse button, you fire off two shots that can be used while moving. Keep your autos goin, unless you have the relic you should be shooting.
    • Double Down - 7 second cooldown
      Using the right mouse button you make a short dash that has two charges. Use it wisely as you only get two before a seven second cooldown, and each dodge adds to the cooldown.
    • Power Shot - 8 second cooldown
      Using your Q you shoot both guns simultaneously for a good amount of damage along with a nice little knockback. Use this when someone gets in your face, keep enemies in gun range, you aint tryna kiss em.
    • Slide Shot - 18 second cooldown
      Using your E you make a short dash that knocks enemies into the air and allows you to follow up for more damage. Use this to initiate a fight, perhaps before your power shot, or to escape a sketchy situation.
    • Blazing Barrage - 25 second cooldown
      Using your R you stand in place and release a rapid fire hail of 12 bullets. This is best used for those deliciously downright dirty teamfights.

    There's a beauty in his playstyle, as it has many options that i am excited to try.
    Here's a few I've come up with:

    • Money Shot
      The focus of playing a Money Shot Rawlins is your abilities. Relying on damage and cooldown reduction as the main focus in itemization.
      Whether you choose to go for the relic or not, you're likely to cause a lot of pain, dash your way to victory, and relish in your abilities. Don't be afraid to use them on enemy buildables and buffs.

    • Buffalo Rawlins
      The focus of a Buffalo Rawlins is defense. Relying on Armor and cooldown reduction as the main focus in itemization.
      If you're building Buffalo i would assume you're favorite place is at the base. stay in your side of the territory and keep them away from a breakaway. Focus on the relic. If your team pushes and buffs/buildables are available, you should be on it like me on steak.

    Currently this is just to give people a basic path to follow if they choose. Also would love to hear other ideas I haven't posted. I will post them with credit given where credit is due.

    Thanks for reading,

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