Warrior Skin Idea Thread

  • I was hanging out in the Discord last night and Nocnoz dropped in asking some questions about character design. There were some pretty in-depth, involved questions, but one of the lighter topics was ideas for character skins.

    I wanted to share a few of my quick ideas and ask for some of your own as we all wait for the game to come out. If I were more artistically talented I'd bring some of these ideas to life in some visual form, but sadly I'm not so I'll just list a few (although I'd love to see anyone else's concept art!)

    Since I have my eye on Spartacus right now:

    Cookout Spartacus - "Kiss the Cook" apron, Hawaiian shirt, two spatula wielding, sandal wearing fighter/grill master

    Bat-Boy Spartacus - Baseball themed Bat swingin Spartacus

    9-iron Spartacus - Ascot, polo, golf hat, swingin 9-irons

    Party Sparty - I don't have any ideas for this outside of the fact he wears a birthday party hat. I just really like this name as "Sparty Party" had been a hit so far. I'll be working on this one secretly as time goes on.

    Anyone else have any ideas? How about some crazy ones :wink: ?

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    Without committing to "Party Sparty", I can tell you we think skins are a great fit for Breakaway.

    Let the crazy ideas flow through you :-)

  • @flipdup HAHA I had a good laugh at "Party Sparty"

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